CSA and Veggies

The 2021 CSA season is over. We are not sure if we will be offering one in 2022.

A CSA is a great way to feed your family nutritious and fresh vegetables every week. For 2021 we are offering two different types of CSA’s–a traditional one and a build your own.

The traditional CSA will be available in Mini size as this is the most popular size in years past. If you need a larger size, just order an additional box. Discounts of $25 per box per family will be made.

Mini–a 1/4 bushel box of veggies. This size is usually for 2-3 people per week. $200 for the season.

The above CSA will start in June and run through 16 weeks with metro pickup on Thursdays. Pickup available in Rush City, Forest Lake/Columbus, St. Paul, South Minneapolis Penn Ave, South Minneapolis York Ave, Bloomington, St. Francis, Hopkins, Anoka, and of course, the farm in Finlayson. More sites may be added as more interest comes along. To host a dropsite, a total of 10 or more CSA’s are needed.

What can you expect in a weekly CSA subscription? LOTS of vegetables! EVERYTHING we grow is heirloom–that means it is not a modern hybrid or a GMO. That also means that things are not going to look like they do in the store typically. The tomatoes may not be perfectly round or red. We grow yellow/white, red, pink, black, green, and striped tomatoes. The green variety is fully ripe too. Some lettuce has red or spotted leaves, carrots are not always orange. Many of the melons grown are French and are very flavorful. The cucumbers are old varieties that can well and make great lacto-fermented pickles.

The Build Your Own CSA will also run the entire length of the CSA season but you will choose what you will have in your box each week–or not get a box that week. The cost is an initial deposit of $100. Of that, $10 is used to purchase boxes (every member has 3 boxes assigned to them, they need to be returned or left at the dropsite each week so they can be used throughout the season). The remaining amount is available as a balance to use on vegetables and herbs available that week. So for example, a week has lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, radishes, chard, and cucumbers available. You would simply order what items you want and those items are deducted off your balance. Some items are priced by the pound (tomatoes, cucumbers for canning, etc.) and some are priced by bunch or each (lettuce, chard, radish, pumpkins). All items will have in the description how it is sold.

GMO’s and Hybrids are two different things. A Hybrid can happen naturally, a GMO need to be done in a lab and has DNA from a difference species spliced into its DNA code. I think the science is cool but just like Frankenstein, maybe something to not play with at this time. It never ends well outside of the lab. My opinion, do your own research.

We are having the local greenhouse start our seeds this season so all long season crops (super hot peppers, tomatoes, and I am trying to grow artichokes this year as well) will be started early enough to harvest before the frost hits.

To order a CSA, click HERE.

In addition to the normal vegetable CSA, we are also offering add-ons for bread, kombucha, eggs, and a bee CSA.

CSA’s are not refundable.