Dairy Cows

I need to update the photos as we only have one Holstein on the farm now.

We do offer raw milk off the farm from our cows. Email us for further info or go to our FarmMatch listing.


The dairy herd is Jersey and Jersey/Guernsey cross. All are A2/A2 and are bred to A2/A2 bulls. They are milked twice a day and are on DHIA testing as well. We do milk year round and have calves born year round as well. There is one Holstein in the herd, her name is Elaine and she is also A2/A2. Alex has a “show cow” that is a Holstein but she is currently not at the farm. She is more of a very large pet than anything.

Jerseys are some of the sweetest cows around. We like their calm dispositions and smaller size.

The cows are tested and are free from the following diseases: TB, Brucellosis (Bangs), BLV, BVL, Johnes, and Q Fever. Many of these have been proven to be able to pass on to people or are considered likely to be causing issues in humans in the form of Chrones or various cancers. There are many good cows out there, no reason to milk a diseased one. Some will argue that the cow can be fed out of it, the problem with that is they will ALWAYS be shedding the virus even if the animal is not symptomatic.

Aside from disease testing of the cows, the milk is also tested for Staph A monthly and at every milking, a test for mastitis is performed. It is the best way to ensure the milk being made is clean and healthy. In addition to that, samples are sent out for coliform and standard plate count testing at a lab.. We also test for ecoli/standard plate count on the farm. Happy, healthy cows produce the best milk and enjoy long lives.

Alexs show cow and her bull calf
Alex and Jewel
Amy just wouldn’t not try to eat the camera
Heifer calf
Jersey on pasture
Alice lounging around